A Botanical Skin Care Primer

Botanical skin care is a relatively new concept for many cosmetic consumers. In reality, the concept has been in practice for centuries quite successfully.

Essentially, botanical skin care products are derived from natural ingredients. Fruits, nuts, berries and herbs are the most recognizable basic ingredients. 

Skin Care Primer
Certain natural ingredients are more common than others in botanical skin care products. The leaves, berries, oil or fruit may be the actual ingredient. Chamomile, oatmeal, honey, almonds, lemon, avocado and green tea are frequently mentioned on botanical skin care labels. 

Most plant materials found in these products are gentle, soothing and pleasantly scented. Beware of strongly scented products made from chemical, synthetic ingredients. These are not a part of a beneficial botanical skin care routine and may actually cause allergic reactions and inflammation. 

Some natural ingredients such as lemon, lime and mint can be refreshing or invigorating as opposed to the soothing properties of oatmeal, chamomile or honey. You will find these more stimulating botanicals in masks and bath gels. 

Avocado, almond and other natural oils are superb sources of naturally healthy botanical skin care products for hands, face and body. These essential fatty acids work to promote cell rejuvenation and repair damage from exposure to the elements around us. Sunlight, wind and extremes of temperature and humidity are harmful to the delicate skin we expose each day. 

Look for botanical skin care products without preservatives. Many preservatives have been shown to cause damage to not only the skin but also the central nervous system over time with regular use. Natural 100% pure botanical skin care products will contain antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. No synthetic ingredients are permitted in true botanicals. Remember that the words lemon or orange on the fancy package may only mean you will smell like a bus station rest room. True botanical scents are gentle and discrete. 

Botanical skin care products with essential oils are not only invigorating but can be antiseptic as well. Oil of bergamot and peppermint are used in this way to refresh and cleanse the skin. Overuse of strong herbal preparations or the highly concentrated oils on sensitive skin should be avoided. Too much of a good thing can be irritating. 

Even 100% botanical ingredients, derived from nature's bounty, are only safe when used in moderation. Avoid too vigorous pulling and stretching of the skin particularly around your eyes. This will lessen the chances for irritation and puffiness. Natural botanical skin care products from reputable manufacturers with stringent clinical testing are the safest source for you if you wish to explore the world of botanicals.

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