Best Skin Care For Women Over 20
How To Keep Your Skin Perfect

Not many young people seem concerned about the best skin care for women over 20. True, at this age, you can get away with pretty much anything: sunburn, sweat and dirt, even sleeping with your makeup on.

But it’s in quarter-life that most women’s bodies start to change. And as the part that gets the most exposure, the skin is often the first to show signs of aging. Proper skin care is vital to looking young longer, whether you’re 21 or 50. And the earlier you start, the better.

In your early 20s, skin problems mostly revolve around active oil production, exposure to the elements, and lifestyle factors such as sleeping habits. Chances are your skin still looks great.

Wrinkles and laugh lines are still at least a few years away. Your goal is not so much to make it look better, but to make sure it stays that way as long as possible. The best skin care for women over 20 is, more than anything, an investment for the future.

The first step to identifying your skin care needs is understanding your own skin problems. For some women, it’s the occasional breakout or scars from teenage acne.

For others, it’s excess oil from lack of sleep, or dryness from the cold weather. There’s no single answer to what’s the best skin care for women over 20. Each woman has her own skin type and composition and is exposed to different environments.

One thing’s for sure: strong chemicals will take their toll on your skin at some point. Sometimes they’ll even speed up rather than stop the aging process. That’s why it’s important to stick to natural products as much as possible.

Big-name brands aren’t necessarily the best; in fact, sometimes it works the other way. Companies like New Zealand-based Xtend Life are much less visible in the market, but often, that’s because they put more of their money into product development than into aggressive marketing.

So although you may never have heard of them, they know the best skin care for women over 20 better than most commercials claim.

Below are some of the most common skin problems for women in their 20s, and how they can be addressed.

--Sun exposure: Young women tend to go out at this age more than any other time in their lives. And over time, the elements can wreak havoc on your skin. The sun’s rays have an effect called photo-aging, wherein the skin gradually loses its ability to recover from daily wear and tear. This makes you more prone to age spots, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. A regular SPF cream can offer some protection, but recent studies have put their safety in question.

The Xtend Life Age Defense Active Day Cream (read about the best day cream) does all that without using any synthetics—not even SPF. What it does is counter the photo-aging effect by providing your skin with antioxidants, both from essential nutrients such as Vitamin E and from clinically tested natural ingredients such as grapeseed oil.

It also contains natural emollients (skin softeners) such as babassu and maracuja. Although harder to obtain—both are native to Brazil—the Xtend Life team has worked them into their products in their bid to provide the best skin care for women over 20. The Age Defense Body Lotion also works well for the rest of your body, keeping your skin even throughout.

Excess oil: Your hormones remain active well past your teenage years, and this often leads to overactive oil glands and pimple-prone skin. The problem can be aggravated if you wear heavy makeup or spend a lot of time outdoors, where dust and dirt can get into your pores. Part of the best skin care for women over 20 is a good deep-cleansing system that cleans more than just the surface.

A good solution is the Xtend Life Deep Active Cleansing Mask, a mix of powerful cleansers and emollients that strip off oil and dirt from your skin without leaving it dry. Bentone gel and kaolin, an indigenous clay found in New Zealand, reach deep in your pores to dislodge dirt and oil deposits.

Shea butter and macadamia oil work together to keep your skin soft and restore your skin’s natural oils. This combination of cleansing and moisturizing, seldom found in commercial brands, is part of what makes Xtend Life the best skin care for women over 20. Alternate this with the Deep Active Hydrating Mask every two weeks to get the best results.

--Wrinkles and age lines: Wrinkles occur when your skin starts to produce less collagen, a protein that keeps young skin taut and firm. This usually happens in your late 20s to early 30s. With less collagen to fill out your skin, sagging and age lines start to appear. The best skin care for women over 20 includes agents that stimulate collagen production to smooth out early wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.

The delicate skin around the eyes is often the first to lose collagen. Start your skin care regimen with the Xtend Life Eye Contour Serum, which targets early symptoms such as laugh lines, puffiness, and dark circles under your eyes.

Ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 and active manuka honey work together with Xtend-TK, Xtend Life’s proprietary formula, to promote the production of new collagen and skin cells. Used in tandem with the Age Defense Active Day Cream, this makes the best skin care for women over 20 with active lifestyles.

--Age spots: While these usually occur in your 40s or 50s, you should start taking steps to prevent them before they happen. Age spots appear when your skin loses its natural ability to recover from sun damage. Some women develop moles or see more freckles in their late 20s, especially in warmer weather.

Xtend Life’s Natural Whitening Day Cream perfectly addresses these problems with its mix of moisturizers and Extrapone nutgrass root, one of the safest natural skin whiteners known today. This will even out early-onset age spotting and maintain your skin’s texture, keeping you looking young and radiant way past age 30.

Start now

It’s never too early to start caring for your skin. In fact, it’s best to start young, when your skin is still healthy and able to adapt to a new regimen. After all, aging is a continuous process, and it’s all about conditioning your skin to slow down and keep its natural state.

The best skin care for women over 20 is a vital step towards looking young for decades to come. With a natural, clinically tested system like Xtend Life, you can keep your 20-year-old skin even well into your 40s!

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