Best Skin Care For Women Over 30
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Most women fear the big 3-0 because it’s when they start facing real-life problems, from juggling career and family to choosing the best skin care for women over 30.

And with all that’s going on at this age, does anyone really have time to think about looking young? You’ve still got decades ahead of you, after all—aren’t there more important things to worry about than wrinkles?

Actually, the aging process starts as early as the mid-twenties. By age 30, most women are producing less of the nutrients their skin needs, and their skin is less able to cope with the daily wear and tear.

Aging starts under the surface, so you don’t see the effects right away. But the longer you wait, the harder it will be to reverse the changes. And these can range from harmless lines on your forehead to an increased risk of skin cancer.

So there’s no such thing as too young—you should start looking for the best skin care for women over 30 as soon as you hit that mark.

Our skin care needs are as unique as our fingerprints, so finding the best skin care for women over 30 requires a bit of research, maybe even trial and error. But one thing you can be sure of is the importance of keeping it natural. Pharmacy shelves mostly contain synthetic products whose ingredients can do your skin more harm than good.

Natural products like Xtend Life, on the other hand, use elements that your skin is familiar with, or even produces on its own. This greatly reduces the risk of adverse reactions and, since you’re not paying for preservatives, ensures that you’re getting more for your money.

To help you find the best skin care for women over 30, here’s a list of common skin care problems and which products can best address them.

Lines and Wrinkles

As the most visible skin problem in older people, this is probably what most women want to avoid. Wrinkles occur when your skin starts producing less collagen, the protein that holds up skin tissue.

With less collagen under your skin, tissues start to sag and you lose that tight, smooth texture you had in your teens. The best skin care for women over 30 addresses the collagen problem by rekindling its production, stretching your skin back and smoothing out any early wrinkles that have appeared.

Try introducing the Xtend Life Age Defense Active Day Cream into your regimen. This everyday cream addresses two early aging symptoms: collagen loss and decreased levels of hyaluronic acid.

First, it stimulates the production of collagen in your skin, preventing and eliminating wrinkles for years. Next, it promotes production of hyaluronic acid, a carbohydrate that retains your skin’s moisture. These two work together to improve your skin’s texture and maintain a youthful glow, offering up the best skin care for women over 30.

Aging Eyes

Notice how some women simply “look” older, although you can’t put your finger on it? It’s usually the eyes that have changed. Over the years, the delicate skin around the eyes gets more prone to damage and less able to fight the elements.

That’s why they’re often the first to succumb to wrinkles. Besides the laugh lines, the area under them also starts to get puffier, and dark circles from those late nights become much harder to conceal. So if you’re after the best skin care for women over 30, eye care is a good place to start.

Early wrinkles can be addressed by products like the Xtend Life Eye Contour Serum. As the name suggests, it works on the contours of your eyes, smoothing out age lines and removing those ugly bags under the eyes that result from overuse.

Leading the ingredient list is Eyeliss, an expensive formula from Europe that’s a trade secret of sorts among the rich and famous. In less than a month, it has been shown to reduce the puffiness around tired eyes and eliminates wrinkles. It’s mixed with a handful of other rare ingredients, working together to offer the best skin care for women over 30.

Dryness and Dullness

Skin can lose its glow at any age, but with all the abuse it’s subjected to at age 30, it’s more prone to dryness and dullness. General dullness is usually caused by problems in the layers just under your epidermis.

They may lack moisture, collagen or other proteins, which your body may not be able to replenish as fast at it could at 16 or 18. Most strong synthetic creams just strip off even more of these elements. So keeping your skin moisturized and feeding it the nutrients it needs—the natural way—is vital to staying young.

The Xtend Life Deep Active Cleansing Mask can undo the damage of the elements on your skin and keep the signs of aging at bay. What it does is remove dirt and oil from deep in your pores, where the damage usually begins.

Two main ingredients, kaolin and bentone gel, allow it to penetrate deeper into the skin than most other products without leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

It also contains several natural moisturizers and emollients, keeping your skin soft and hydrated even after intense cleaning. Alternate this every two weeks with the Deep Active Hydrating Mask to get the best skin care for women over 30.

Rough patches

Areas where the skin is naturally thick, such as the knees and elbows, can get tough and wrinkly as we age. And often, with facial skin getting most of our attention, these parts tend to get ignored.

That’s why people in their 60s or 70s often have rough patches all the way up their upper arms and legs—the dryness tends to spread if left unchecked and gets harder to eliminate as the years pass.

Start preventing these problems early by investing in the Xtend Life Age Defense Body Lotion. Designed to complement the Age Defense Day Cream, it works extremely well on knees, elbows, and other areas of tough skin—even scars that have been there for years!

It contains most of the same ingredients as the day cream, so it keeps you looking young all over. After all, the best skin care for women over 30 should also take care of problems from the shoulders down.

While aging itself can’t be stopped, looking young is a matter of choice. Acknowledging your skin care needs is the first step towards getting young-looking skin for decades, and as we’ve just shown, it’s never too early to start.

The best skin care for women over 30 starts with knowing what your body needs. And by eating right, staying stress-free, and sticking to natural brands like Xtend Life, you’re already making the right choice.

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