Common Complaints About Antiaging Skin Care Treatment

What do you get when you buy an antiaging skin care treatment?  If you read some customer reviews, you'll see these things:

  • Poor or no results, did not work as promised
  • Rashes, irritation, allergic reactions, permanent damage, blemishes, etc

Xtend life skin care products are different.  They are designed to improve theThe Secrets Of Beautiful Skin skin's health and thereby improve the skin's appearance.  Clinical studies have proven that they make the most effective antiaging skin care treatment on the market.  AND, they only use ingredients that are safe enough to eat.

Chemical compounds that you apply to the skin's surface can and do penetrate through the pores and enter the blood stream.  If you have a break, even a tiny one, in your skin, these chemicals will penetrate very quickly.  So, you might as well be eating them.

Xtend life skin care creams were created with a unique philosophy.  Several years ago, they began evaluating the products that are currently on the market.  They found that the company claims were based on one or two active ingredients, which were present in the creams in very small amounts.  So, that explains the poor results.

They also found that most companies choose to use artificial preservatives and added fragrances, common causes of allergic reactions.  That explains the rashes.  How do you explain the irritation?  The big companies use some of the harshest ingredients there are.  It is surprising that anyone can use them, without experiencing redness, itching or burning.

Mineral oil and petrolatum clog the pores and cause blemishes.  Yet, those are the "work horses" of the cosmetic industry.  It is because of those petrochemicals (gasoline production byproducts) that most companies have one product for dry, another for oily and another for "normal" skin.

The Xtend life skin care solutions can be used by anyone with any skin type and even in any climate.  They are "just that good".

If it is to be effective, an antiaging skin care treatment must address the causes of an aged appearance.  Those causes include:

  • Free radical damage; oxidation
  • Reduced production of new cells and fibers
  • Low levels of hyaluronic acid

The Secrets Of Beautiful SkinHow do you counter free radical damage and prevent oxidation?  Xtend life skin care products do it with antioxidants.  There are other companies that claim to include antioxidants, but when you investigate the ingredients, you learn that they are referring to artificial preservatives, technically antioxidants, but not good for the skin's health or that of the rest of the body, for that matter.

To increase production of skin-cells and fibers, an antiaging skin care treatment must contain protein, but not just any protein will do.  It must be properly formulated so that it is available for use by the cells.  Xtend life skin care creams have the proper formulation, because the company uses the latest technology.

So, you can either have safe and effective antiaging skin care treatment or you can be frustrated by what the cosmetic industry has to offer. The choice is yours.

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