Fish Oil And Wrinkles
Surprising Study Shows 10%
Improvement In Facial Firmness

Omega 3 Fish OilRecently, I read an article about essential oils and wrinkles.  The writer was actually referring to a study about fish oil and wrinkles.  The term that he should have used is "essential fatty acids".  An "essential oil" is not the same thing, although even the experts get the phrases mixed up sometimes.

I believe that it is important for consumers to understand the difference.  Since, one is beneficial for the skin's health and the other is a common allergen.  When you're reading a list of ingredients, you need to know "what's what".  Hopefully, I can help.

The oil produced by the skin's sebaceous glands is called sebum.  It is primarily composed of fat.  The article about essential oils and wrinkles mentioned an improvement in firmness and moisture content.  With the right ingredients, increasing the skin's moisture content is simple.  You just need to apply a little fat.

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Now, the study about fish oil and wrinkles was conducted using an oral supplement.  Fatty fish, particularly those that live in cold water, like hoki and salmon, are rich in omega3 fatty acids.  The health benefits of omega3 supplements never cease to amaze me.  Just in my family, we have seen an improvement in mood and ability to concentrate, along with less fatigue.

I'm not really sure if my skin looks better or not.  But, according to the study about fish oil and wrinkles, researchers saw a 10% improvement in firmness after three months of supplementation.  There are ways to get better results, but since omega3s provide numerous health benefits and most people don't get enough through diet, I think that supplementation is a great idea.  Just be sure to choose a brand that guarantees purity.

Now, when it comes to essential oils and wrinkles, there is no connection, at all.  An essential oil is a concentrated plant fragrance.  Often, they are used in aromatherapy.  The group includes things like rosewater and lavender oil.  Technically, they are water based solutions.  There's no "fat" in them.  So, they aren't like olive-oil, jojoba-oil, avocado-oil or any of the other plant-based moisturizers.

Even if there were a connection between essential oils and wrinkles, applying them directly to the skin is not advisable.  They can cause redness, itching or irritation.  On a molecular level, they cause inflammation.  Chronic inflammation does play a role in sagging and wrinkling.  Chemical fragrances cause the same problems.  So, I always tell my readers to shop for moisturizers that are free of added fragrances.

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If you want better results than those reported in the fish oil and wrinkles study, look for creams that contain CYNERGY TK.  In clinical studies, researchers saw a 40% increase in firmness.  When your skin is firmer, wrinkled areas basically "stretch out".  It would also help if you could stimulate the production of new cells.

That's one thing that the fish oil and wrinkles study did not cover.  But, CYNERGY TK has been shown to stimulate the production of new cells and fibers.

Now, if you read about essential oils and wrinkles, you'll know what's what.

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