How to Choose Top Wrinkle Creams

Every manufacturer claims to offer the top wrinkle creams. But in this overcrowded multi-billion dollar market, is there really any way to determine the best from the rest?  Here are a few tips to help your search.

You could look at price

As you shop for the top wrinkle creams, you'll quickly notice a wide range of prices.  But like most things in life, higher prices don't always translate into higher quality.  When you make your choices based solely on higher price, all you usually end up with is a cabinet full of broken promises and an empty wallet.

You could look at the ingredients

I don't know about you, but words like dioxane, nitrosamines, toluene, phenol carbolic acid, rancid natural emollients and plenty of others sound downright scary to me.  That's because anything you rub into your skin is absorbed by your body.  Unless you're a scientist, this approach to choosing top wrinkle creams could leave you more confused than informed. 

You could look at brand

If you're brand loyal, you won't have any trouble choosing the top wrinkle creams.  You'll pick the ones manufactured by your favorite cosmetics brand.  It won't matter what it costs or what's inside.  All that matters is that it's made by a brand you trust. 

You could read reviews

At first glance, it seems like positive reviews are the fastest and easiest way to locate the top wrinkle creams.  But one thing you likely won't notice when reading reviews is information regarding who authorized the review.  Most appear to be unbiased.  But if a review is backed by the product manufacturer, you have to wonder just how reliable it is.  On the other hand, a review can be written as a veiled attempt to damage the credibility of a competitor.  When you look more closely at reviews, it becomes obvious that this isn't the most effective way to choose.

What's a consumer to do?

As with anything you purchase, the best advice is to do your research and come to your own conclusions.  

  • You need to look for the manufacturers that offer the best value.  Many times, these are smaller, online retailers that sell directly rather than through middlemen and don't spend millions of dollars on celebrity endorsements.
  • You have to familiarize yourself with manufacturing processes, especially the ingredients used, how they're stored and processed, and how they work both on their own and when used in combination with other ingredients.
  • You need a company that understands how to use science to get the most out of nature.
  • You need access to customer service provided by real humans rather than automated responses.
  • You need to look for manufacturers whose main commitment is to quality rather than a bunch of uninvolved shareholders.

One company we often recommend is Xtend-Life.  Based in New Zealand, our research revealed that Xtend-Life offers all of this PLUS a complete line of all-natural, contaminant-free, anti-aging skin care products men and women with every skin type can't stop raving about.

You can read more about what we consider the best wrinkle cream and why we think Xtend-Life Restorative Night Cream and Xtend-Life Day Cream are the top wrinkle creams on the market.

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