How You Can Easily Find
High Quality Skin Creams

Looking for high quality skin creams at a reasonable price? Here's some advice about how to find the best skincare products.

Ignore the advertising hype and read the label carefully. Normally, it would take a chemistry degree to understand what those ingredients actually are, but there are some "clues" that help the average guy shop for safety and effectiveness.

Warning Labels

Common warning labels include not to be used on broken skin…not to be taken internally…avoid contact with eyes…call a poison control center if swallowed…discontinue use if rash develops or worsens…test on an inconspicuous area first. What do these warnings indicate?

To me, what the company is actually saying is "this product contains known allergens, poisons, irritants and may be hazardous to your health".

High quality skin creams can be effective and still be safe. The best skincare products are designed for use on broken skin, because they promote healing.
Of course, even the safest ingredients will irritate your eyes, if you accidentally get some of the cream directly in the, but, there are a number of ingredients that should not be used anywhere near the eyes.

Parabens, Preservatives, Dyes, Fragrances & SPF Ratings

The best skincare products are free of all of these things. Here's why.

Parabens and other artificial preservatives are common allergens and irritants. Parabens are relatively easy to spot on an ingredients label. They will be preceded by whatever alcohol (methyl, ethyl, propyl, etc) is used to create them. These preservatives are known to accumulate in the body's tissues and organs, over time. They may contribute to the formation of cancerous tumors. The jury is still out on that one, but they are well-known irritants and we don't need them in our personal care products.

Added dyes, particularly the "red" ones are not beneficial and some of them are hazardous. Added fragrances are irritants and cause allergic reactions.

Companies that claim to provide high quality skin creams often have SPF ratings, as they include minor sun-screening agents. We have been warned not to rely too heavily on these minor sunscreens.

Sun "blocks", in particular zinc oxide should be used on exposed areas whenever you expect to spend more than 15 minutes in the sun.

What the Best Skincare Products DO contain

If they are really high quality skin creams, they will contain:

  • Natural vitamin E, because it is an effective preservative and an antioxidant important to the skin's health. 
  • Functional Keratin, a protein peptide that is proven in clinical studies to support the production of new cells, reduces inflammation, increase firmness and act as an antioxidant. 
  • Wakame kelp, because it inhibits enzymatic activity that breaks down one of the skin's most important proteins. 

The best skincare products contain all of these things and more. Grape seed oil is included in most of their line, because it has a unique filming ability that locks in moisture, locks out dirt and grime. A company from New Zealand makes these high quality skin creams and they are all very affordable.

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