Is The Highest Rated Wrinkle Cream The Best Choice
For Your Skin?

The best rated wrinkle cream might not be your best choice.  Many people buy wrinkle cream because it is highly advertised or their friends recommend it. 

Often, they end up disappointed and angry. Sometimes, they are even heartbroken, when their skin is damaged by the strong chemicals that many companies choose to include.

I have read many disturbing stories written by consumers who unknowingly purchased the wrong products.  My hope, here, is to give you a little education.  Maybe, I can reduce the number of sad stories and make more people happy.

The Best Rated Wrinkle Cream? Don't Buy This... 

According to the American Anti-aging Association, the best rated wrinkle cream is Caracol Cream.  This is one of the many companies who claim that exfoliation is good for the skin and beneficial to your appearance.

People who buy wrinkle cream like this have reported excessive redness, irritation and sensitivity to sunlight.  If you don't want a similar experience, I would recommend that you avoid products containing glycolic acid and other exfoliates.

The Association also recommends Botox injections for "stunning" results.  My sister tried this and now one of her eyelids constantly droops.

Either the Association doesn't know a lot about hazardous versus effective ingredients or they simply don't care.  They listed "Hydroderm" as their highest rated wrinkle cream, last year.

Hydroderm products contain a preservative that has been banned and considered unsafe for use in cosmetics by the European Union.  The ingredient is sodium-methyl-paraben.  It causes loss of pigmentation, our natural protection against UV radiation from the sun.

Basically, you should avoid anything that contains artificial preservatives like parabens and added fragrances. Watch out for sunscreens.  They are popping up in everything from moisturizers to facial scrubs and they are not reducing our risk of skin cancer.

The Best Rated Wrinkle Cream - Do Buy This...

If you want to buy wrinkle cream that is truly safe and effective, you need to know a little bit about what causes wrinkles in the first place.  Briefly, the formation of wrinkles begins on a cellular level, many years before they appear. 

The damage is done by free radicals, which are produced in response to UV radiation, smoke and other environmental pollutants.  More are produced by younger skin cells than older ones.  Reduced quantities of antioxidants, free radical scavengers, are present in aging skin cells.

The best rated wrinkle cream, in my opinion, is one that contains lots of antioxidants and other nutrients that are needed to build new cells and grow new collagen and elastin fibers.

Once you buy wrinkle cream that contains these ingredients and includes nothing that could harm your skins health, you will never try anything else.

The results are simply amazing.  People see fewer wrinkles in as little as 28 days.  Most companies suggest that you use their product continuously for three months in order to see results.

Now, you should be able to find the safest and highest rated wrinkle cream, with a minimal amount of effort.  Enjoy!

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