Natural Wrinkle Cure
And Antiaging Skin Care

Want to find an effective wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care routine that is safe and effective?

I think I can help.  Let’s start with the ones that don’t work, might do more harm than good and are not safe.

Avoid the Ingredients Petrolatum, Argireline, Artificial Preservatives and Added Fragrances

Petrolatum is found in nearly every product on the market, but respected dermatologists have said that this ingredient interferes with the natural cell rejuvenation processes.  Argireline is increasingly popular, because it is based on the theory that repetitive facial movements cause wrinkles.  Dermatologists do not agree.

Artificial preservatives, including parabens, and added fragrances are responsible for the vast majority of allergic and adverse reactions.  As we age, our skin becomes more sensitive.  We develop allergies to things that did not bother us in our youth.  Plus, you never know what chemicals are used to create that fragrance and many of them are toxic to the nervous system.

What Really Causes Wrinkles and How Can You Repair Them With a Topical Cream?

Cellular damage caused by free radicals is mostly responsible for the formation of wrinkles and lost firmness.  Decreased production of new cells and fibers is also to blame.  Lower protein levels and lost moisture play a role, as well.

The best wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care creams address all of these things.  You can repair free radical damage.  You can prevent additional damage, increase production of cells and fibers, while replacing lost moisture and protein.

Antioxidants are necessary to prevent free radical damage and repair it.  Protein-complexes, essential fatty acids, extracts from plants and vitamins are needed to address all of the other causes of wrinkles.  It might sound more like a dietary supplement than a wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care product and that’s as it should be.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

When ever you see a product claim, look for supporting clinical data.  If the company doesn’t supply it, look it up at  The company that makes Argireline say that it’s safe and effective, but there are only two published studies and they are inconclusive.

A newly patented product called Functional Keratin is backed by numerous clinical studies.  It’s an effective wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care product.  It relieves a condition called contact dermatitis.  It is hypoallergenic and its shelf life can be preserved with natural vitamin E.

You see, if companies want to make something safe and effective, they can.  They would rather use the ingredients mentioned above, because they are cheap, even though they often charge high prices.  The cost is related to marketing and advertising, not to the quality of the ingredients.

Products contain Functional Keratin and natural vitamin E might cost more than the ones that you are used to paying, but clinical studies show that they increase the production of new cells, moisturize, increase collagen production and fade wrinkles. 

A natural wrinkle cure and antiaging skin care product is the right choice for me.  How about you?

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