The Perfect Natural
Wrinkle Reducer

Would you like to learn about the best
natural wrinkle reducer that really works?  Are you tired of buying wrinkle filler that makes little or no real difference in your appearance?  That's not surprising.

Most of the products on the market are just not that good.  If you have sensitive skin, like I do, you have probably had a number of adverse reactions to the popular brands.  If you don't have sensitive skin, you have probably had at least one bad experience with wrinkle filler.  The anti-aging products on the market contain some of the worst allergens, irritants and hazardous compounds.

So, that's why you're looking for a the best natural wrinkle reducer.  You think of things that come from nature as being safe.  While some of them are, even the products that are advertised as "pure and natural" contain irritating artificial preservatives that may be damaging to our long-term health.

The typical wrinkle filler contains nothing but thick paraffin wax and artificial pigments. They may as well call it concealer, because that's what it really is.  But, I'm here to tell you about something different, some safe and natural ingredients that really work.

Coenzyme Q10 & Natural Vitamin E

Researchers have learned that older skin cells contain more free radicals and fewer antioxidants.  Free radicals cause damage on a molecular level that we cannot "see" today, but we will see in the future.  Antioxidants prevent the damage and are responsible for repairing damage that has already been done.

UV radiation, from the sun, pollution and environmental toxins, increases the number and activity of free radicals.  Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that plays a vital role in the skin's health.  Researchers have seen that it is quickly depleted when the skin is exposed to UV radiation.

A natural wrinkle reducer must contain COQ10, if it is to be effective.  You probably know about the antioxidant activity of natural vitamin E.

Functional Keratin

This is a naturally occurring protein that acts as wrinkle filler, while performing several other functions.  The protein is needed to produce new skin cells.  So, in clinical studies its use has been shown to increase the number of new cells by as much as 160%.  The worse you look, the better it works.

This natural wrinkle reducer has anti-inflammatory activity, so it reduces bags under the eyes and reduces redness and irritation.  It can be used on broken irritated skin, because it promotes healing.  It was originally developed to treat dermatitis, which is inflammation of the dermis; skin.

It works as wrinkle filler by drying to a clear film that bounces light, making the skin look smoother than it really is.  It works to increase firmness.  In clinical studies, firmness improved by 42% after less than a month of use.

Researchers found that the protein has unique antioxidant activity.  They call it an "enzymatic antioxidant".  One molecule counters millions of free radicals.

The best natural wrinkle reducer contains Functional Keratin, COQ10 and vitamin E, as well as plant extracts and oils.  This is a product that really works.

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