The Truth About
Instant Wrinkle Removers

According to the advertising claims, instant wrinkle removers are safer alternatives than Botox and they provide a 90% improvement in 10 minutes.  Wow!  If those claims are true, then healing wrinkles is easy.  You just have to come up with $59. 

But, if it were really that easy, then why are there so many people walking around with wrinkled faces?  Do they just not care about their appearance?  Maybe, the claims are slightly overstated.

Instant wrinkle removers contain a variety of different ingredients.  Some of them "work" because of special pigments that reduce the "shadows" caused by those folds of skin.  So, they are not actually healing wrinkles.  It's more like they are "hiding" them.

If they don't contain a special pigment, they usually include some kind of acid.  GABA is a popular ingredient for these products.

GABA is a neurotransmitter produced by humans and other mammals.  It is responsible for regulating muscle tone.  The "idea" behind including it in instant wrinkle removers is that it will relax the tiny facial muscles, although it has never been tested for effectiveness.

Neither has it been tested for safety in cosmetics by an industry panel.  That's according to the Environmental Working Group's database for cosmetic ingredients.

Argireline is a similar ingredient that is often marketed as a safe alternative to Botox.  They claim that it is a naturally occurring protein.  When, in fact, it is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring protein.  It and GABA are supposed to work in the same way.  But, there is no proof.

Healing wrinkles is possible, but we first have to understand what causes them in the first place and how they can be removed.  One of the underlying causes is decreased production of new skin cells.  Without new cells, new collagen fibers cannot be formed.  The skin becomes thinner, starts to sag.  Fine lines appear and eventually become deeper.

There is clinical proof that healing wrinkles is possible with a zinc and copper amino acid complex, known as CYNERGY TK.  Researchers can measure the number of new cells present in the skin.  After only three days, they saw an increase of 160%.  They saw a 42% improvement in firmness in less than three weeks.  There was an added benefit that was only realized during the clinical trials.

CYNERGY TK qualifies as one of the instant wrinkle removers.  The consistency of the emollient is something like human skin.  When applied to areas with fine lines, they seem to disappear.  Deeply wrinkled areas appear smoother.  It's a "trick" of the light, but when healing wrinkles can be combined with hiding them, you can't really ask for more.

In most countries, cosmetic companies are not required to prove that an ingredient is safe, much less effective.  People believe that because it is on the shelf in their local drug store, it must be safe, but that's not always true, according to the US FDA.

My suggestion is to look for something better than "instant wrinkle removers" -- something that contains CYNERGY TK like Xtend-Life Products

Clinical studies prove that it is safe AND effective.  Click here for the full story.

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