What I learned From
Wrinkle Cream Comparisons

I've read wrinkle cream comparisons for many years, but a few months ago, a line of products was released by a company that I trust. So, I tried them.

If you're wondering what are the best face creams in the world? I've found them and now so can you.

It's interesting, because the keys to preventing wrinkles and all of the outward signs of aging have been right in front of us all along. Many of them are vitamins; some like coenzyme Q10 are "vitamin-like". Minerals and antioxidants that are only found in plants are also beneficial.

Those plants are scattered throughout the world and it took a special company, with quiet determination, to go out, find them, evaluate them and put them all together for us.

When I was still reading wrinkle cream comparisons, Argireline had just hit the market. Now, it seems that the ingredient is everywhere. That bothers me.

Like Botox, it relaxes facial muscles, but the theory that facial expressions cause wrinkles has all but been disproven.

What are the best face creams according to respected dermatological associations? Those that contain lots of antioxidants have to be on the top of the list.

Why? It's because dermatologists have shown that older skin-cells are lacking in antioxidants, regardless of a person's diet or nutritional supplements. In laboratory settings, they have seen increased levels of free radicals, due to the lack of antioxidants that neutralize them, during our youth.

What are the best face creams according to cosmetic companies? Cosmetic companies still claim that Argireline is tops. I simply can't agree.

If you look for clinical research to support the wrinkle cream comparisons that give high ratings to Argireline, you will only find a couple of studies that were sponsored by the company that created the synthetic peptide. Neither of those studies concerns effectiveness.

What are the best face creams according to clinical studies? The creams that I've been using have dozens of clinical studies confirming their effectiveness and safety. They improve firmness and moisture content. They increase the number of new cells and fibers and the new cells have higher levels of antioxidants.

Special gels to use around the eyes have been shown to reduce bags, wrinkles and dark circles. The people who looked the worst before treatment saw the biggest improvement. Editor Note: you can read more about eye contour gel here.

In wrinkle cream comparisons, you will often see the ingredient DMAE. The compound has never been proven to "do" anything. You will see collagen and elastin powder listed as ingredients. Those ingredients are also ineffective.

For collagen to work, it has to be injected into the fatty layer. Applied topically, it has never been shown to do anything. Do you know where they get that collagen and elastin? It comes from dead cows, not very pleasant sounding, to say the least.

What are the best face creams, in my opinion? They are safe, all natural ingredients and effective.

Stop reading wrinkle cream comparisons and learn more about my favorite products. That's what I would recommend.

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